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Flag Ceremony Held in Malden

Copyright, July 18, 2001

Used with Permission
Malden Boy Scout Troop 76 held a 4th of July flag ceremony at the Statue of Libery in Malden. The statue is located on Downing Blvd. across from the Bootheel Youth Museum. There are 195 of these replicas in 39 states in the U.S. and several of its possessions and territories. All were erected around 1950 by Boy Scout troops and others to celebrate Scouting's 40th anniversary theme, "Strengthening the Arm of Liberty." Information about the statues can be viewed on the website: Troop 76 has been renovating the statues by planting flowers, painting and landscaping. The troop was assisted by volunteers Ray and Nikkie Santie of Malden. The Malden Street Department built and erected flag poles. Malden Board of Public Works recently installed lights at the base of the statue. From left, Travis Whitson, Kyle Black, David Black (Scoutmaster), Josh Speers and Jessie Curtis. Unable to attend were Scout Garrett Hartle and David Hartle, Assistant Scoutmaster. (Photo submitted)

Boy Scouts lay wreaths at Malden prayer service

Copyright, September 26, 2001

Used with Permission
Citizens of Malden bowed their heads in prayer during a special ceremony held last week at Malden's Statue of Liberty.

Boy Scouts from Troop 76 placed a wreath decorated with flags and ribbons. The Scouts lead the pledge of allegiance to the flag at the end of the dedication.

Nancy Green of Malden and several citizens organized the wreath placement memorial and asked Malden Boy Scout Troop 76 to place it before the Statue of Liberty.

"It was a moving and memorable experience by everyone attending. It was an honor for Troop 76 to place the wreath at the foot of the monument," said Scoutmaster David Black. Those attending included several children with their parents, Cub Scouts and Malden Police and Firemen.

Ray Santie of Malden said, "This was a spur of the moment thought by several people and perhaps that is what made it so meaningful and genuine. It was a simple but very nice ceremony."